3D Scanning Service for Gemstones

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Not all gemstones are shaped the same way which makes them special. Uniquely shaped gemstones can be challenging to set perfectly into your jewellery pieces.

Using a 3D scanner accommodates for every angle of the stone and creates a uniform design. Scanning cuts down on the design time and prototyping significantly.  

We scan gemstones with our "Scanox" diamond industrial grade 3D scanner, from OGI System Ltd. The scanner allows us to get accurate measurements and shape of the stone to ensure the setting will fit the stone.

Price is for each item.

Delivery takes 2 business days. 

When sending us your stone YOU ACCEPT:

  • The risk and take responsibility for shipping your stone to us.
  • The risk and take responsibility for the stone breaking or getting damaged while being shipped.

For any other questions, please contact us.