Custom-Made Jewellery Service for Gold Item

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Have your jewellery made just for you with our professional and most affordable Custom-Made Jewellery Service. We help find the best solutions to meet your requirements.

We use our industrial facility to produce your custom-made jewellery based on your approved design. Each production procedure is undertaken professionally and carefully to meet your satisfaction. 

Price is for each standard gold item design weighing under 3 grams, including production cost, labour cost, standard international shipping from our factory to our office in Richmond, BC. The accent stones are NOT included in this price. 

Production takes 5-7 business days. The item will be shipped from our factory to our office together with our company's regular shipment (every 2 weeks).

Shipping prices from our office to you can be found on our Shipping Information page. 

Please complete and submit the Custom-Made Jewellery Services Order Form detailing your custom-made requirements, specifications, material, plating, stone dimensions, along with images.

Please email us your STL file (3D design print file format) of the design. If you don't have a 3D Design nor STL file, you need to order our Custom-Made 3D Design Service to get the STL file created for the casting production. 

For more complicated and organic gold items, please contact us.