Custom-Made Mold Making Service for Stainless Steel Mold for Stamping

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Jewellery mold making is a special and intricate process and we have been doing it for many years.

We create a stainless steel mold for machine and oil stamping that might be for semi-automatic or full-automatic processes. It is usually used to produce hundreds or more jewellery pieces with the same specifications. It can be used and reused whenever needed.

Price is for each standard item stainless steel mold based on the jewellery production requirements.

Production takes 10-15 business days. The item will be shipped from our factory to our office together with our company's regular shipment (every 2 weeks).

Shipping prices can be found on our Shipping Information page.

Please email us your STL file (3D design print file format) of the design. If you don't have a 3D Design nor STL file, you need to order our Custom-Made 3D Design Service to get the STL file created for the printing. 

Please complete and submit the Custom-Made 3D Design Order Form detailing your custom-made mold making requirements, specifications, jewellery dimensions, along with images.

We will initiate the mold making process and obtain your approval before sending to production.

For a quote for more complicated and organic items, please contact us.